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I am a SAHM of 6 little dudes. My hubby's jobs require him to be away from home way more than I would like leaving me to fly solo more often than not. Since Dr. Phil won't return my calls, and Oprah has unfriended me, my therapy has now gone public! Here is where I go to receive cheap advice, reassurance and hopefully share some laughs. Honeslty, I'd love to make you laugh until you pee! So come, grab a cup of coffee (or vodka) and join in the conversation!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome To The Family

Sorry for the delay. I've wanted to share our exciting news with everybody sooner, but mommy being split 5 ways has left me with little to no "free" time...Ok...NO free time. I don't even pee very often, and I rarely shower.

I've learned that multitasking while sleep deprived is ill-advised. So since the 8yo is loving on his baby sibling, I thought I'd steal a moment to share with you our baby news.

We had a.......................................boy! Yes, another one! Now I have 5 little princes (but I'm still the Queen!) He was born the night of December 27 at 9lbs 2.6oz and 22 inches long. Quite a big dude!

Please welcome to our Kingdom, Tucker Casey!

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