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I am a SAHM of 6 little dudes. My hubby's jobs require him to be away from home way more than I would like leaving me to fly solo more often than not. Since Dr. Phil won't return my calls, and Oprah has unfriended me, my therapy has now gone public! Here is where I go to receive cheap advice, reassurance and hopefully share some laughs. Honeslty, I'd love to make you laugh until you pee! So come, grab a cup of coffee (or vodka) and join in the conversation!

About Me and Contact Info

My name is Crystal. I am a daughter of God- and raise my kids to follow and serve the Lord. I married the only man (other than my dad) that I've ever loved. And together we have made 5 and adopted 1 beautiful, amazing little boys. We believe in our family and spending quality (and quantity!) time with our boys...from front-yard football and baseball, tag and jumping on the trampoline in the backyard, to family games on the Wii and boardgames on the floor. Our home isn't fancy or expertly decorated....it's lived and loved in, and that's what my boys will remember.

I think being a parent is a blessing, a really tough job, but a ton of fun. My kids bring me joys upon joys....and I love to laugh at our shenanigans and blunders!

I can be reached by email : crystalball1@rap.midco.net
Or send me a tweet @SurvivingMomdom
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