Sunday, July 31, 2011

One of These Things Just Doesn't Belong

I love the nuances that are toddler-hood...missing and misplaced items, trinkets stashed in tiny holes, and objects that seem to disappear on their own. Most of it makes me smile....I know it won't last long. That precious, quirky time in their young life is far too fleeting. But there are some things that make you question what is truly going on in their diabolical little minds.

Case in point; I walked into our bathroom (which is always a scary venture anyway), only to discover this:

I have no answers for this distrubing image. But I think I know the culprit. He's short, cute, and blonde! And yes, I threw that particular toothbrush away!

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Slidecutter said...

ROFL!! Love this!

I have a girlfriend who went through a nasty divorce years ago and gave a little necessary payback to her imbecile of a soon-to-be-ex before they parted ways.

After a really nasty, heated argument, she decided to clean the toilet...used HIS toothbrush to clean inside its rim and then rinsed-it, put it back on his side of the bathroom vanity.

He moved out a few days later and, of course, packed up all his stuff, ran in the bathroom to grab his toothbrush, and other man-stuff, as she stood in another room, trying to keep from laughing.

Funny happy to see you back! Have missed ya, lady!