Thursday, January 31, 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

Well hello...whoever is still left subscribed to this often ignored, seldom updated blog! Of course I think of my little piece of the blogosphere quite often...every day, in fact, something happens, a kiddo says something absurd, a series of unfortunate events unfolds at my feet, a conundrum unravels itself in my never-stops-for-a-moment little, blond head. But I rarely (ok...practically never) get to sit at my beloved computer and let my fingers do the talking. This little space is cathartic for me...and without it I do fear insanity is creeping its way every so slowly into my once-organized-now-frazzled mind. We can blame it on "reintegration" (by the way, I HATE that fricken' word!), overflowing To-Do lists, or the cascading tasks that come with 6 boys!

I noticed that double take from some of you who do not know me as well as others. there are six of them! Crazy??? Possibly...actually, quite probably...but nonetheless, there are now 6. Our latest (and lastest!) addition is a newborn we are adopting. No, it really wasn't in "the plan", but lately, my plan has been a laughable suggestion to our all powerful Creator. I seem to be in a constant state of learning, adjusting, changing, and growing all in order to follow a path that I have no idea to where it leads. Frustrating? A resounding YES! Be that as it may, I have the great pleasure to introduce our newest superhero: Tristan Xavier born December 14 (that is now THREE birthdays and one anniversary all in the month of December!).

Adoption is a funny thing that seems to evoke great emotion and very differing opinions. I've fielded many doubts, concerns, opinions, criticisms, assumptions and even very negative innuendos. But I've also been graced with many prayers for this little dude and tearful, very earnest congrats. I'll hang my hat on the latter. He was, simply put...a little boy without a mama to kiss him...without a daddy to hold his hand...without a home to run through...without 5 big brothers to protect him (and beat him up a little...let's call a spade a spade!). And now he's home. God can do whatever He wants. I didn't "have" to bring Tristan into our home...God chose this home for really had very little to do with me.
Of course, we entered into this very naively...things like this rarely go as planned or without "hiccups", and I've gotten very feisty about a few things here and there (in all honesty, if you know me at all you know I've gotten fiery about more than "a few" things). But maybe that's a good thing...maybe it's just my mama-bear declaring that someone is a little too close to my den. Heed this mama-bear's growl bite is definitely worse.
All of that is as it should be...and now I am chasing, loving, disciplining 6. Six of the most amazing, compassionate, helpful dudes you will ever have the pleasure to meet. They make me laugh...they make me cry...they even make me grit my teeth and make that face a mama should never make...but their mine, and if I do say so myself, you will never meet more amazing superheros!
But with 6 also comes my less-than-exquisite Super Mama alter ego. Exhaustion is my new middle name. Overwhelmed is that look plastered across my face. And "Lack of Shower" is my new eau de toilette! With the youngest two being 11 months apart, I think yoga pants, pony tail, and "Lack of Shower" is my new wardrobe. If memory serves me correct...I've been here before! Gluten for punishment...misery loves company...or plain and simply crazy?! Probably a stinky, unshowered mixture of all three. I guess I'll eat a hot meal when I'm old and sleep when I'm dead! Super Mama out!