Sunday, May 29, 2011

Calgon....Take Me Away

Two weeks down...50 to go until hubby returns. And as I've mentioned previously, when daddy's away, chaos and stress shall play! It takes us awhile to get into our single-parent-house-of-5 groove. Needless to say, we haven't achieved that harmony quite yet. And the monsoon that has plagued our region for the past month has left me dreary, crabby, and in desperate need of some sun and fresh air! I have 4 boys...we NEED to be outside! I'm starting to question my sanity.

Leaking roof....check (because this couldn't possibly happen while hubby was here). Lawnmower being a be-yotch and refusing to cut the jungle we call our lawn...check. Day 2 of summer vacation and kids are making me pull out my hair (because I can't send them outside)...check. Wet, mud-covered, doesn't-listen-to-me-dog driving me crazy...check. I need sun. I NEED IT! I need to pack a cooler and head to the pool; I need to play at the park until the kids crash in exhaustion. This muddy rain-soaked weather has me at the end of my pregnant, nauseous rope!

Last night, I succumbed to the innocent blue eyes of my 4 darling offspring as they pleaded to "sleep with mommy"! I know better...but my judgement has been scewed by vomit, fatigue, and stress. It was a disaster in the making. The night ended with super cranky mommy who had been violated all night long by the slumbering 2 year old, who had been awakened by every groan, sniffle, fart, and snort of the otherwise comatose four-some, and who called it quits to the family sleepover at 4 which the 2 year old protested loudly in his crib until 5:30 when he finally screamed himself to sleep.

I'm ready to trade the children for a QUIET day at the spa. And I'm willing to give the dog to anyone who will have him. I've never claimed to be a pet lover....he has been forced upon me. And, unfortunately, for the puppy, I have ZERO patience, energy, time, or extra love for him. My plate is full. Not only do I have the task of being a single parent of 4...but I'm also unexpectedly baking another one. AND I am taking care of all things that of a family: house, budget, kids, laundry, food (ugh...the very thought of cooking right now makes me barf!) all the while exhausted and nauseous.

Seriously...only 2 weeks down....50 yet to go! Calgon...take me away!


~Dawn~ said...

Oh you poor Mama - I wish I could buzz over and take your kids for a day so you could enjoy a nice day at the spa. Hang in there.


Ms. Blasé said...

And I'll commit to praying for you every week for the next 50 weeks.