Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm Going To The Land Down Under

No, not Australia (although...that would be awesome!). No. I'm talking about the "female nether regions"...the "hair down there"...your "preferred coif"..."female-scaping". Yep...I'm going there! I'm intrigued that there is actually trends, fashions, and a general popular opinion when it comes to this particular region of our anatomy. What once was ruled by the "bush" is now ruled by precise grooming, shaping, and maintenance. There is an entire industry devoted to this particular nuance of personal grooming...and I am completely intrigued, baffled, and humored by the phenomenon...albeit, completely sucked in!

I, myself, have sported several "styles", if you will. And I'm curious as to whether or not this is a mainstream concern with which us wives and mothers should concern ourselves. Is your "down-under" keeping up with popular trends? Or have you abandoned the issue all together? I pose the question because as a species, women are quite judgemental. And to that is almost swimsuit season...which leaves little to the imagination on all areas of the body. Where there was once "bush for the cush", there is now finely groomed or barely there which leaves tight swimsuit clinging to all areas. The dreaded-and much complained about- "camel-toe" runs rampant at the city pool. And I just need to know which way women stand on this issue. Is it acceptable and understandable or not? Not sure. But I do know that I would like to think women aren't inspecting and judging my personal grooming preferences. Camel-toe or not...why are you looking????

On another Brazilian wax or not to Brazilian wax? The procedure entices me...I have to be honest. The allure of NOT shaving and shaping daily seems like a luxury. And the more my pregnant belly grows...the more and more difficult it becomes to see what I'm doing down there. (Here's a warning to the newbie down-under groomer.....DO NOT use scissors haphazardly! DO NOT wield your razor too quickly. AND my all means respect the tenderness of the delicacies you are handling!) However, the thought of a complete stranger frosting my nether regions- every nook and cranny- with hot wax and then ripping out every single stubborn hair....makes my eyes water...and my "secrets" to become somewhat shy.  But nonetheless, I have debated it several times.

So do share....Au natural, styled coif, landing strip, or smooth as a baby's butt??


Brandi said...

What the... 'pregnant belly'????!!!!! OMGOODNESS!!!! I had to go scan the blog for updates until I saw the post! HAHAHAHA! Guess what? That's exactly how we got our girl! ;)

So, were you able to tell hubby before he left, or did you find out after? Very exciting! CONGRATS! :)

Amy said...

I canNOT stand any hair down there (on me, I could care less what other women do. I don't swing that way ha ha).

Especially during pregnancy, aka now, I can't stand it. It smells and it just feels unclean. It's not like the hair on your head, and with all the fluids pregnancy brings NO thank you! (ha my comment is all sorts of fun and tmi isn't it?!)

That being said I am barely into my pregnancy (8 weeks tomorrow) and I already am as big as I was at 20 weeks with my son so we'll just see how long I can keep up my preferred grooming. I refuse to let my husband do it for me like some of my friends have theirs do lol!

thingsicantsaymichelle said...

I'm scared of waxing, but I am well-groomed.

The Lovely One said...

I find this post very funny for some reason!

I am a hairy beast! I've shaved completely bare before, but it's too itchy growing back! :)

Ms. Blasé said...

As soon as I get out of debt (which will be in a couple of months), I will start saving up money to have laser hair removal. To me, that's the ONLY solution to all unwanted hair on any area of the body. And the results are permanent. No more shaving again... ever.

Slidecutter said...

Smooooooth as a baby's butt, here. Shave that sucker off with a ladies electric shaver; no stubble, no nuttin' honey!

And, waxing is part of my profession but, I prefer shaving.

Remind me to tell you about the time I was doing a guy's chest/back waxing and he asked to have his testicles done.

On second thought, don't ask.

And, NOOOOOO, he left with hairy balls.


Ashley said...

Love this post. I used to brazillian wax and then got laser. Brazillian laser. It's amazing!!! I still have a nice triangle on top that needs maintenance with scissors (sorry to be soo graphic but you asked!) but the under sides are soft and smooth and no more shaving. Get the wax! It's quick and painless and you will love it!

Ashley said...

Oops I didn't mean painless. It does hurt but it's so fast! Just a few quick swipes and then weeks of no maintenance. ox