Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back To My Roots....Sort Of

I'm ditching the red. As fun as being a red-head was (and as much as it pleased my hubby), I feel my inner (bottle) blonde calling me back. I've missed her sexy confidence and cocky attitude. Although, the red can't be totally to blame. I think the burgeoning belly, mind-of-their-own boobs (which we totally need to talk about later!), and absent hubby defending the world may have a little something to do with it! Never the less, in three days I will be sporting my long-lost blonde in a shorter, bouncier style...and I can't wait.

Red seems to be more high-maintenance than I had anticipated. And my dirty-blonde roots growing in (at a rapid pace, I might add) seem to sometimes resemble the color grey! That issue needs to be addressed! And, fortunately for me, blonde seems to grow out a little more seamless-ly and with much less maintenance.

Pregnancy has a tendency to bring out my inner need for ease and low maintenance. And the "Victoria Beckham" bob seems to fit the bill. I think I will save my drastic hair color changes and trendy do's to the luxury of extensions and wigs...for which, I can't say I've ever tried. However, I strongly think hair extensions/wigs are Hollywood's best kept secret. There is no way all of those actresses have that beautiful, thick, flowy hair all of the time! And I think it's high time, mainstream mamas get in on the action!

I need to invest in a "Bridget the brunette with a no holds barred attitude", a "Katie with feisty red curls that match her temper", and maybe a "Kendra with long, think blonde hair who has a sexy, sultry demeanor". That actually sounds like a lot more fun and a lot less ease than hours in the salon...and way more fun in the bedroom. On second thought, I think it's obvious we've had more than enough fun in that department. (ahem)

What do you ladies think? To fake hair...or not to fake hair?

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Amy said...

Honestly after having a friend miscarry because she used toxic hair dye on her hair (there are better ones to use while pregnant) just make sure you read the labels if you do! Amonia free baby!