Sunday, September 25, 2011

Call Me Crazy....

It's been awhile since I've compiled a list of reasons why I'm, I mean reasons I love my family of dudes! But let's face it, one pregnant mommy + daddy off saving the world + 4 busy boys = little if any alone time with my own thoughts. But all that crazy doesn't mean that the looney bin has vacated the premises. We are still just as silly, rambunctious, and, well...juvenile, as we always were.

* our 4 yo (he is now 5!) is quite the kisser (aka- slobbery kisser). He gave me a goodnight kiss and then wiped his lips saying, "I'm sorry. I have slippery lips"

* while at Grandma's farm for a quick weekend visit in August, all the boys were running around the house both upstairs and down as they played some wild, fighting, good-guy/bad-guy game. My 4yo (now the 5yo) came running up to me really excited with an arm full of Nerf balls, "Mom!! I have firefighter balls!" And he was off to chase the rest of the boys with his apparent "firefighter balls". I wonder if those are anything like "Soldier balls"....because I know a little something about those!

* Cooking and pregnancy doesn't always mix for me. So I was preparing a nice, healthy meal of....corn dogs! My 2 1/2 year old ran to tell his brothers what we were having (because they sing about them on "Phineas and Ferb"). I heard him yell, "I want a horn dog!!"  to which the 8 yo and 12 yo burst into laughter.

* the 3yo and 5 yo were playing in the living room after their big brothers rushed out the door for the bus. I was in making beds when I heard the 5 yo yell, "Help somebody! I'm getting married!!" His little brother was burying him with all the pillows. Married...buried....potato...potahto!

* "my nuts, my nuts, myyyy nuts" as sang by my 3yo while carrying around a container of Planter's mixed nuts!

* Right after daddy left for his year of saving the world, the boys were enjoying some skype-time with him. The 4yo asked daddy quite innocently and full of awe if he was fighting the bad guys with his swords. To see your daddy as a hero...priceless!

And now to state my case as to why my self esteem is in the pooper!!

* the 5 yo came up to hug me (remember baby is due Christmas day....and I have BIG babies!). He looked at me with those big blue eyes that I love with a sweet smile and said, "You're like a really huge girl with a huge tummy". It's hard to smack someone so cute!

* Out of the mouth of my baby (the 3yo), "You have a big, big one"...and then he left. I'm not sure if I was complimented....or insulted!

* we were shopping in Target this past weekend before scurrying off to the soccer fields when the 5yo announced, "I have to pee". I hurried him through the store where we went into the family restroom together...figuring I would go to in order to avoid the port-a-potty at the soccer game. As I sat down to go potty all the while my 5yo is intently observing when out-of-the-blue he states very matter-of-factly, "Mommy you sure have a big butt." He wasn't being mean...just stating an obvious fact!

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Patty said...

Loved this!

Your little dudes are priceless, definitely keep you smiling, in spite of it all. Hell, just thinking about your average dude-day makes ME giggle!

We need some preggers-pics, please!!