Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Crazy?

Normally I am quite successful in reigning in my off-the-wall idiosyncrasies. Lately, however, I have not been as diligent about hiding-er-controlling my less than appealing nuances. I have to admit, that even when there isn't a surprise baby on board, I tend to like things the way I like them. Hubby lovingly refers to this as "high maintenance". I refer to it as "attention to detail", and without such surely the world would end!

However, I fear that the family doesn't see it this way and have been forced to suffer through my less-than-desirable over-reactions in silence for fear that my crazy will jump all over them. You see, with hubby home he can at least mask my quirks with humor or distraction. There in lies the problem...hubby isn't here. And I fear that without his intervention I am merely another victim to pregnant hormones run amuck! And my poor kiddos have no where to escape.

Nary a child wants to be caught leaving a random toy on the floor. An assault which surely justifies torture if not death. And my poor oldest boy had to suffer the wrath of my out-of-control OCD when he put the canned goods away in the pantry after grocery shopping. Upside down and backwards cans stared back at me when I opened the door...and I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I may not be to the extreme of the husband in "Sleeping With the Enemy", but I fear I may be just one over-turned can away!

Putting clean laundry away in the dresser should not require instruction or supervision, but I seem to have been proven wrong. Clothes hanging out of half-open drawers, clean shirts on the floor having fallen off their hangers, and discarded inside-out hoodies greet me when I attempt to enter the lair of the oldest two dudes. The horror of such a sight seems to send me into a mommafied tizzy. Luckily for the criminals, they are at the safety of their respective schools and do not have to witness my meltdown and the frenzy that follows.

Requests for special outings are met with a hefty pregnant-lady sigh and a possible flutter of my eyes. Acquisitions for family games in the evening hours are quickly rejected from my horizontal position on the couch. And extracurricular activities have become my verbalized nightmare.

I'm not sure if it's crankiness with age...although 30(ish) isn't exactly old, pregnant hormones and fatigue, or the absence of my hubby. You be the judge....crazy? or not crazy?


Brandi said...

Not crazy. And, just look at it this way... your boys will grow up to be excellent husbands one day. ;) I just sent my 3 in the other room to watch their sister because I. MUST. MOP. THE. FLOOR. NOW. (and I guess I also have ADD because I couldn't resist the urge to stop off at the computer on the way to get the mop).

I'm Jennifer. said...

I don't think you're crazy at all. I feel the same as you do about my kids' messes and extra-curriculars and I'm not even PG!
A belated congrats on your pregnancy too! You have four boys...so will you find out the sex of #5?

Johi said...

Oh YES. I lose my sh*t over the ridiculous messes all the time. Boys are wonderful and precious but holy moly! They are messy. Look on the bright side: Maybe you'll have a girl? :-)

Shell said...

All sounds perfectly reasonable to me!