Thursday, November 17, 2011

The On-going Challenge of Good vs Evil- Writer's Workshop

I've been a mama for a really long time...almost 13 years, in fact. And I've learned a thing or two about the ups and downs, ins and outs, and the good, the bad, and the ugly that accompany this mothering gig. As in everything in life, being a parent involves unique challenges and surprising joys that occur almost daily...reminding me that the battle of good versus evil never sleeps.

Sleepy-eyed morning hugs give way to mid-day throw-down tantrums. Slobbery kisses after morning snacks quietly turn into tears and a battle of wills at lunchtime. Nap times are met with growls and disputes. While the post-nap wake up graces us with snuggles and kisses on the couch. "I love you"'s melt your heart with the same fervor that their angry cold shoulders makes us want to cry. We crave alone time or a girls' night out...only to feel an ache and an emptiness in our hearts that can only be filled by the very kiddos we claim we are trying to escape.

It's a tug of war, really. One minute their sweetness and hold they have on our hearts is overwhelming and intoxicating. While the next, their tantrums, defiance, and frustrating nuances drive us to drinking and binging bouts with chocolate.

I can't imagine the joys of parenting being as rewarding or as sweet if we didn't have to face and overcome all of the challenges that also accompany this mothering path. With the good comes the bad...and in that lies the greatest joys and challenges I face in parenting. Doing the best I can in all situations for each individual child, and noticing, enjoying, and appreciating our daily victories both big and small. It requires grace, dignity, patience.......and a little bravery and a lot of wine.

This post is in response to Mama Kat's writer's workshop prompt 2.) Your biggest parenting challenge and/or joy.

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Bethany said...

I love the line "only to feel an ache and an emptiness in our heart that can only be filled by the very kiddos we claim we are trying to escape." The best part of mom's night out is coming home. Love this.

SUPAHMAMA! said...

LOVE IT! I'm starting to think all the "challenge" posts are based on balance of some sort. :) Also, your dudes are way cute! I can't imagine having nothing but boys!

Arnebya said...

A LOT of wine. Thank you for this; it is the epitome of truth.