Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i tawt i taw a puddy tat

I think I've alluded to the fact that my vagina has been under a lot of pressure. Literally. So why does my puddy tat have an affinity for my "puddy"? Our Chancey kitty mistakenly believes that she is the queen of this castle. Normally, I let her live in her delusional state. However, when I am pregnant, tired, huge, and hormonal I can't possibly let her live that lie. Especially when I insist on declaring my status as the reigning Queen of my Kingdom.

On the rare occasion that I let her lay her over-weight self on top of my over-stuffed self, she insists on pawing at my "puddy" until she is good and comfy. I'm not sure if that is something all cats do...kind of like how pervert dogs need to sniff your nether regions every time they see you. I'm not really an animal person so this apparent obsession they have with the cooch really bothers me, especially when I'm pregnant! Do I honestly need the puddy tat to remind me that my "puddy" will never be the same and may never recover??!!

Here she is trying to get as close to the "puddy" as possible.

Do you see my hand attempting to protect my precious "puddy" from the darn puddy tat?!

Again, me tolerating Miss Puddy Tat.

Obviously this is a personal problem! I just prefer to keep the puddy and the "puddy"...seperate!


Dumb Mom said...

Maybe it's because the baby filled belly is so warm? I don't know. animals are weirdos sometimes; just like people!

Shell said...

Ha! Mine liked to sit on the top part of my baby belly. And then smack the baby when he would kick.

Stephanie said...

You're a much better pregnant lady than I was... I'm not a cat person, but our dogs experienced some Pregnant-Lady Whoop-A** every time their snooters came near mine!