Monday, November 7, 2011

Once Upon A Before and After

There are lots of changes that come with pregnancy and new baby. Most are wonderful and joyous...if you like stretch marks, hemorrhoids, and sleep deprivation! This is how I see the transition through the eyes of my hubby.

Sexy bra before pregnancy:

Functional bra during and after pregnancy:

Sexy panties before pregnancy:

Functional and comfortable panties during and after pregnancy:

Ringing in the Christmas Spirit "supplies" before pregnancy:

Ringing in the Christmas spirit "supplies" post pregnancy:

Good thing hubby loves me....because this is quite a depressing story for him!


Brandi said...

Isn't it all the 'before' stuff that got you in trouble in the first place? ;) lol! What have I missed... do y'all know if you're having a girl/boy yet? Hope you are doing good!

Big Fat Gini said...

It's a viscous cycle. And it's how you end up running into the 24hr Walgreens hastily looking for pregnancy tests.

You forgot one last picture. Birth control.

Patty said...

hahahaha....loved this!

Trust me, after my last child, I burned any item of clothing with that "come hither look" but kept my maternity clothes. Don't ask. Come to think of it, some of those M clothes were pretty dayum sexy. Why??

Wow...not much longer, pretty Mama!!

Emily said...

Thanks for the laugh it's so true! THat was so my husbands Christmas last year. It really is a good thing they love us so much!

Anonymous said...

Sad but true facts! The things we sacrifice for our babies!

Foursons said...

Ha! So, so true. Since I've been running my husband has been asking me if I'm going to wear something sexy. I honestly just snort at him because who would CHOOSE to be uncomfortable after having children and being closer to 40 than 30?

Ange said...

Um, your pregnancy panties and bra look a lot like my pre-pregnancy wear.

I may be doing something wrong.