Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Letters- 3rd Installment

Happy Valentine's Day! I am joining FTLOB to celebrate in style by sharing some love letters throughout February. When hubby was deployed to Iraq in 2003 and 2004, we exchanged lots and lots of letters since any other form of communication was sparse. I have shared 2 of those letters with all of you, and today I would like to share a letter daddy wrote to his 2 little boys. Ty was 4 when daddy left and was 5 at the time of this letter. Tyson was born while daddy was gone (daddy did get a 72 hour pass to meet him, though) and wasn't quite a year old when we got this letter.

26 Feb 04

Tyler and Tyson-
How are my two favorite boys doing? I hope you are still taking care of mommy the best you can. I know you are doing a great job.

Tyler, how did you like your stay at Grandma's house? Did you play with M and J? You told me that you liked Midnight the cat more than you liked Thunder the dog. Well I hope you still enjoy puppies because I would like to get one when I get home. I hope you will help me take care of it. I'm not sure if I know how, do you?

Tyson, hey my little bud. I can't wait to get home and get to know you a little better. Last time I held you was almost a year ago. I understand you are mommy's little buddy, but remember you received your good looks from me. I'm sure you will realize this the moment you see your "Da".

Well, boys when I get home it will add one more weenie-wacker mom will have to take care of. We will certainly take it easy on her to start with since we have her unfairly outnumbered. After this past year, I'm sure she has learned a few tricks to manage.

Let's see, I guess I should clear up a few questions since I've been gone so long and a lot of things have changed. Is the bathroom where you boys have your baths the "Boys" room, or do I have to shower in mommy's shower? Do I still have a bed? I see a lot of photos with you two sleeping in the bed in MY room. Do I have to sleep somewhere else? Or is there going to be room for me. Well I guess all these will be solved when I get home. Which will be pretty soon. The Army is almost done with daddy.

I want you two to give mom a big hug and kiss from me ok. I love you guys and miss you very much.



Blogs said...

so very sweet! i love how he writes to them! i couldn't imagine what you go through! you are very strong! it's beyond the beauty! i hope y'all have a beautiful valentines day ♥

Big Fat Gini said...

Gah! I'm literally bawling here! It reminds me so much of Mr. BFG and my boys and how special their relationship is. I just love this...

Anonymous said...

The sweetest letter I've read all day. *sniffle* Happy Valentines Day to you and your beautiful family.

And thank you for your service and sacrifices!

Liz Mays said...

That is so cute! What a fun thing you've done in saving those!

sara said...

Aw, what a sweet letter!!

Ashley said...

That letter is SO adorable! Thanks for sharing it. :]

Unknown said...

Too cute! My oldest would like to kick daddy out of our bed. :) He is my little snuggler (and he doesn't snore....)

Unknown said...

This letter made me smile, laugh and leave me a little teary eyed! I smile because of how your hubby talks to them both, then individually. It's so sweet since he's giving attention to both. I then laugh because of all the questions at the end he wants to clarify. I tear because I can only imagine how hard it is for both ends. For him to be away as well what you were going through. I'm so happy because it sounds like you have an extremely strong family.

Happy Vday and beautiful choice for the letter!


Heather M said...

This is so sweet!!! I love how he writes to them, and relates to them, its so sweet!!! Thank you for sharing this!! I hope you had a great Valentines!!

Shell said...

Weenie-wacker? LOL