Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red, Red, Whine!

I'm not normally very adventurous with my hairstyle. I don't aim to rock any boats, and I am pretty comfortable with my girl-next-door look. However, my hubby recently developed a thing for red-heads. This is new information to me, and I've known him for 14 years. Since I have limited time with hubby until he is deployed, I decided what hubby wants, hubby gets. So off to the salon I went to jump into the world of red! I've been a blonde most of my life...except for a short stint with a deep rich brown...so this was quite a leap of faith for me.

My hairstylist was excited for the change and eager to see the results which made me less nervous and more excited too. However, once I sat in her chair prepared to take the plunge...something started to stir inside of me. See, the only reason I'm going red is to please my hubby...because I am truly struggling with the reality of his approaching departure. It weighs heavy on me...and I fail to let it out. Now, my hairstylist has a son who is also a veteran of the Iraq war, and we have shared lots and lots of emotions....emotions now that seem raw, at the surface, and threatening to erupt. And going red seemed to have weakened my normally strong-as-steel demeanor.

I was weepy, teary, and frazzled the entire appointment...all 3 1/2 hours of it. I couldn't hold the tears in...they were at the surface at every single moment. Contrary to my normal strength, I was unable to control and close off my emotions. Even now, I am confused as to what truly happened. But all of the ladies offered empathetic squeezes, understanding looks, and heartfelt words. I was taken aback at their willingness to allow me to cry...and laugh....and cry again...all while taking up residence in their salon. Most women come to the salon for "me" time, a day off, or some pampering. My day at the salon was much different than the norm. My normal composure was stripped away as red was added to my "do". Apparently, my soul needed to cry...it just took some red to do it!


Shell said...

Sounds like you needed to get those emotions out.

So, what does he think of your new look?

Vanessa said...

So how did it turn out?

The Hockey Wife said...

Let's see the red!! I have thought about going red for a while.

Sometimes a good cry is just as refreshing as a good haircut and color!


Johi said...

Don't you just love crying in public?
More importantly- do you like the color? I have always thought red would be fun.

I put on a brunette wig at Halloween one year and for some reason, having it on stripped away the tiny bit of verbal filter that I possess. It was weird, I went from "pleasantly bitchy" to - well- mean. ?? I guess it was my alter-ego coming out to say all the things I normally hold back. Eek. "I will never wear a brunette wig again"

April Westerhold said...

Yes! Pictures!!

Liz said...

You need to show us the red!

And you know what? It needs to come out. No one should have to carry that around without letting it out. I'm glad you had a place where you could breathe a little.