Friday, December 3, 2010

I Wanna Be Your Sledgehammer

Thump! Wham! Pound! Slam! The pounding echoes...the throbbing super cedes any other sensation I might have otherwise experienced. And it feels as if my brain will, at any moment, come oozing out of my ears...which is almost a welcomed experience if it would promise to reduce the pressure my poor cranium has had to endure....for the last 48 hours!

I am pretty accustomed to headaches; I've experienced them my entire life...even as a little girl. Most of which are tolerable...meaning I can still get through my day without growling at, offending, or otherwise chastising anybody. But every now and then, I get slammed with a doozy; one that takes over my day- and sometimes night- and interferes with everything from changing my kiddo's diaper, to making lunch and helping with homework. And every sound that my kids make causes my head to swell and my eyes to bulge and the prospect of my head just simply exploding like an over-filled balloon....well, doesn't sound all that awful.

Night #2 proves to be another bust and the sweet relief of sleep alludes all of my senses. When I lay on my back the pressure on my neck is too excruciating to allow my body to relax giving me an upset tummy. As I roll to my side, flopping like a fish out of water, (hubby is so sweetly sleeping...and it kind of urks me) the sensation of my over-inflated head makes it impossible to find any comfort. My eyelids are too much pressure when I close them (did my eyeballs get bigger?) and opening them feels as if I'm ripping apart a garment at its seams. No sleep.

Drugs are clearly the answer- so says the rookie. But I've already overdosed my poor body on ibuprofen and Excedrin. Even the Pepsi and migraine medication proved no match to this gift from Satan himself. Maybe it's dehydration? So I chug-a-lug water all day and most of the evening....which lands me with frequent visits to the john...headache still in tow. With no other ammunition in my arsenal, I revert to coffee...and lots of it. A little Starbucks, a little Dunn Brothers, and some extra-strong home-brewed Joe, and I am feeling like my old self. Only remnants of the headache remain.

Hindsight is 20/20, and I should have visited my chiropractor (as hubby urged) immediately as I felt that headache grab my ankle and creep up my body...but $40 is a lot of money...and sometimes the idea of packing up kids and fighting with them (because they HATE that man to touch their mommy!) to get through an appointment just makes my headache thump even more. Plus, what if it truly doesn't give me relief...then I'm out 40 bucks and STILL have a headache!!

Maybe a relaxing day with my dudes my the Christmas tree, a family nap, and then movie night with the Grinch may be just the cure I've been looking for. Here's to wishful thinking!


Anonymous said...

Oh yuck..I've been pretty lucky in the way of headaches but have had a couple that have really kicked my butt.

Hope you're feeling better today doll!

Vic said...

ughhhh.....i think it's theeeee worst thing to ever go through.....i suffer much i think i'm going to die...much like you!:( I have them really bad around my period time but since i haven't used tampons, they haven't been nearly as dangerous! weird but true...i was immune to ibu and excedrin...sometimes you have to switch the medicine....the aromatherapy eye masks help me too...i sleep with one on my head every night....wishing you well....try a cold shower too:) muahhh...happy weekend!