Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Day Before Christmas!

Twas the day before Christmas and excitements abound
Giggles, and squeals, and laughter could be found.
The stockings bring arguments over which one is who's
But Santa is the one who, mama says, will choose.

The children are giddy and hopped up on sugar
Except baby who is sick and brings mom a booger.
And mama is busy in the kitchen all day
While daddy, that stinker, gets to play and play.

With no snow out our window just icy streets
I hope I have all needed to make holiday eats.
I run to the pantry checking my list
Counting my blessings; there's nothing I've missed.

The children and daddy are playing the Wii
The sounds of their giggles are music to me.
Occasionally I hear a little one whine
With a hug and a kiss I assure they are fine.

The tree is now drooping from the wight of the lights
Hoping it will make it to Christmas night.
The branches are brown and the needles, they sprinkle
But the ornaments still hang and the lights still do twinkle.

No Aunties! No Uncles! No Papas or Grandmothers!
Just daddy! And mama! And Pets! And 4 brothers!
To the computer we head! To the web-cam we go!
Grandma can then see the excitement we show!

As the children race through the house to pass time
Mama says "no" with less effect than a mime.
So through the house they chase just the same
Running and jumping and playing their game.

And then as they tackle, one falls into the tree
Children now in panic but with giggles try to flee.
And hoping that parents were out of their sight
They run from the scene in frantic and fright.

Our jammies are worn from morning 'til bed
The kids too excited to rest their head.
They know that their waiting is almost done
The countdown -exhausted- now dwindled to 1.

The presents are waiting. Tomorrow seems so far
And it's crazy to imagine that dark night lit by one star.
An Angel appeared lighting the way.
This is the story to re-tell today.

Routine out the window! We try to get them to sleep.
The hopes of Santa in their hearts they keep.
But mama reminds them of the real reason.
Jesus! Our Savior! He makes the season!

He was placed in a manger in swaddling clothes.
A hope and a promise through the dark night arose.
A son for our sins. A sacrifice so great.
Accept Him as savior before it's too late.

For God knows us all and loves us the same.
He calls to our hears and knows us by name.
He gave us His only to save you and me.
The reason for the season is Jesus, you see.

Our sins and our worries and bad habits galore
Can be given to God who is waiting for more.
Walk with Him. Talk with Him. Give Him your Praise.
And your soul will be spoken for all of your days.

Salvation is waiting on bended knee
For the young and the old. For you and me.
So rejoice and be merry and let your spirit shine bright
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Teresa said...

Very good. I enjoyed that read.
My tree, too, is drooping from the weight of the lights and ornaments and it too is turning brown and I keep telling it "you can make it to Christmas, I know you can"

Helena said...

That was really good! Did you write it and/or can I get a copy of it? Super cute!

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day!

Mo 'Betta said...

This is great!