Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"I"said the Mother

motherhood comes with surges of love
whether natural or adoption, they come from above
like grace and peace that arrive with the dove
motherhood surpasses all that we know to be love

"I" said the mother when she found out the news
"I" am the mother that God so did choose
I will watch over and comfort when you snooze
"I" said the mother will love, protect, and amuse

"I" said the mother who picked up the child
I will still love you even when you are wild
I have been called to mother the meek and the mild
"I" said the mother will take home this child

"I" said the mother, through giggles and kisses my heart they uplift
I treasure the blessing, any child is a gift
I'll love him and raise him and to God our hands we will lift
"I" said the mother will treasure this gift

"I" said the mother with tears in her eyes
I understand. My Lord-He is wise.
I will wait for my mommy-dreams to realize
"I" said the mother as she wiped tears from her eyes

"I" said the mother will take this child as my own
I will give praise and let Christs' name be known
I am so thankful for the gifts you bestow
"I" said the mother, let this child in another's belly be sewen

through teardrops and joys God never ceases to amaze
I will love Him and praise Him and follow all my days
even when hurts and tears blurry my ways
my God, my Father is waiting at the end of this maze


sara said...

So beautiful! That made me tear up, thanks for sharing it!


Unknown said...

How sweet!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing it :)