Monday, October 11, 2010

To Grandma With Love

I long for the days of chasing leaves from the great big oak tree outside my grandparents front door. My cousins, siblings and I would walk to Grandma's house after school- all 5 of us- and go racing through her front door. Grandma always had treats and homemade goodies for us to devour....and chocolate milk just because. She never seemed to mind that five ravenous children rummaged through her cupboards and fridge everyday at 3:30.

Grandma (or Top Grandma as we called her) smiled and giggled in a way only Grandma could. She delighted in our presence. The special memories that only a Grandmother can offer her grandchildren linger warmly in my heart. She always had Double Mint gum in the top drawer of the hall dresser. And the bottom drawer was where Grandma stashed the colors and coloring books that we loved to use.

 There's something special about a Grandma's house...a Grandma's love. I never remember Grandma getting stern with us. I remember smiles, hugs, and laughs. Grandma loved life-she was jolly and loving and warm. Grandma's house was the designated meeting place on be comforted by her homemade cookies and hot apple cider. Her's was the home where we waited impatiently during the football game as grandma prepared the turkey and stuffing for our Thanksgiving meal. Her's was the home where Christmas Eve memories were made....and every year chili was eaten. Her's was the house that we hid Easter eggs for the others to find....all day long. It was the hub of our family; the place that our childhood was spent; the refuge we mourned the loss of Grandpa; and the abode Grandma vacated when Alzheimer's attacked.

So my memories are just that.....memories. They are heavy in my heart burning with sadness from what has become. No treats and apple cider, no waiting for turkey during football, no homemade chili while waiting to open gifts, no Easter egg hunts in the trees. The laughter that echoed no longer greets her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren will miss out on bear hugs, stories, and rock-a-byes.

We wait for the Lord to take her walk with Jesus, to giggle with grandpa, to play cards with Grandma Hazel, to chase her grandson Rydell, and to rock her great granddaughter Reagan. Until that day, we wait, we pray, we hope, and we love as Grandma taught us to love.


HeartBabyHome said...

I have similar fond memories of my grandma. I'm sorry for your loss. It was especially hard to lose grandma.
I'm enjoying watching my mom and dad turn into grandparents. :)

Becky Jane said...

Such a beautiful and loving post...thank you for sharing such warm memories!

Nanny Anna said...

{HUGS} to you and your dear grandma. You don't have the material things (double mint, chili, or cookies) but you still have all of those wonderful memories.

One day when you become a grandma you will know exactly how to make wonderful memories like that for your grandchildren.

Thanks for stopping by my store's blog ( and the sweet comment about the Fraggle Rock characters...they are pretty awesome. I hope you will also visit my personal blog "I am Nanny Anna" ( I would love to have you stop by.

Hope your grandmothers passing is a gentle one for her as well as for you. {HUGS} again.


sara said...

What a beautiful post and beautiful memories.

Jenni Chiu @MommyNaniBooboo said...

A lovely tribute... and memories that will never die.
Makes me a little sniffly that my sons' grandparents live so far away.

PS- Sending some Baaa Tribe love.

Mrs. Sorenson said...

Oh how I miss Grandma's house--watching her crochet, teaching us how to bake a pie, letting us play dress up with the clothes up stairs. This summer I planted a vegetable garden for the first time and fondly thought of "Top Grandma." Thanks for sharing...I feel the same way. --Lindsay