Saturday, October 16, 2010


By Jamie Knapp

About 20 of us sat around the campfire tonight in the hills roasting hot dogs.  It was youth night tonight and each teenage boy got to reminisce about how they achieved their most memorable battle wound..I was the only female.  Most kids had more than one story making the point of how proud they were to wear the scar from doing the dangerous, and risky.  Bravery..."I survived it and have the scar to prove it story".
My 6 year old was too shy to tell his story, so momma did it for him.  He sat right by my side wanting my arm around him, without the thought that "I cant let people see me needing mommy."  His innocence still in full tact.  As mommy, I thought..."It wont be long before he wants to sit on the opposite end of the bench as me, hanging out with the other kids as in "its not "cool" for mom to love you in front of your friends"!  I was stuck in that moment for a bit and savored it, absorbed it.  I loved it.  Guess where my preteen was during this?  You got it, -at the other end of the bench.

 Boys + Campfires = Dangerous Experiments ...You know- who can manage to hang on to the shortest stick while one end is in the fire sorta thing, and holding the scewers in the fire till they are glowing red, taking off shirts and attempting to clear the fire in a long jump....Apparently teenage boys don't know the value of their "jewels".

We sat around listening to story after story until the youth leader told of his once broken ribs.A scar that could not be seen. The moral of the story was that some of us have scars that run deeper than the physical, scars that have been acquired emotionally, and mentally that leave behind emotional scar tissue...scars that can not be seen.  Boys normally dont like to talk about those scars.  They are tough to show any sign of pain, to cry or to admit they hurt would be called a "sissie, or a softy".  But Jesus showed his scars to Thomas without shame.  He is alive today and so when these boys hurt, they were made clear that Jesus can heal their deepest wounds.

Scars will happen, campfires are fun, Weiners were roasted (not those weiners although came close), and star trippin is something you should try:) but your sons, savor every moment they NEED You because it wont be long before they sit on the other end of the bench.

***This was written by my friend Jamie Knapp. She is an amazing mama, a loving wife, and a devoted Christian. Give her some bloggy love!


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Cute story and such a reminder that time goes by way too fast. We do need to cherish every moment--especially those where our children are still young enough to openly show their love :) Jamie is a great writer. (Crystal, I'm following you. Thank you for commenting on my last post. You have such a sweet blog!)

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