Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What up Wednesday

freckles n' fudge

1) What is your greatest fear if any.
     Ok. I would have to say I have 2 great fears. One is that I am very, very afraid of the dark-I blame that on my sis who constantly scared me growing up. One person's torture is another one's joy! Second, is the the lingering can't shake fear that my hubby will die at war (sorry to be a downer).

2) Coffee, tea, or cappuccino
    coffee- with a bagel

3) Do you bend over backwards to lend money to friends/family
     No. Only recently have we even had money to lend, but even then, our money is pretty much spoken for in our budget. Anytime we have a little extra, the van seems to require maintenance.

4) Reader, writer or both
   Writer. No reader. Ok .... both.

5) If you could go anywhere to escape, where would you go?
     I know this sounds crazy, but Disney World. My hubby left his cell phone home. It was just me, my hubby, and our boys! Awwwww!

6) Do you sleep with a fat or a flat pillow?
    In between. Too flat...and I get a headache. Too fat....and I get a headache. I know- high maintenance!

7) How many times a week do you have sex?
    It depends on the week. Twice if I'm lucky- but I'd prefer 4 or 5!

8) How well do you deal with confrontation?
    Super, no-doubt-about-it, off-the-charts terrible! I hate it. I avoid it. It gives me shaky, can't-sleep anxiety.


Blogs said...

love this! i couldn't agree with u more on all of these:) oh and how i hate the dark....i'm a big fat cry baby!:) haha

Holly said...

Coffee and a kind of mama!! lol

RN Mama said...

Great questions! Does anyone actually sleep on a flat or fat pillow? You have to have the inbetween perfect one!

nomo wino daph said...

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I am now your newest follower-daph

Kenna said...

Following you back!!!

sara said...

Great questions. I also avoid confrontations at all cost:)) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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