Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Five Days

Five days.

That's how many days daddy and kiddos were home over their Easter break. Skittles are scattered in the corners, grass from the baskets is strewn through every room, the dirty clothes hampers threw up everywhere, and toys, random out-of-place shoes, and sports gear are remnants of a weekend (or 5 days!) filled with tiny terrorists ransacking my house.

Five days.

What you aren't able to see from those five days are hours of giggles, moments of front yard football, smiles after baseball, and fun memories from the park. All of those moments so preciously etched in my mind. A long five day weekend filled with moments onto which I can't put a price tag.

Five days.

A family of 6 laughing, smiling, playing. Five days filled with moments that are fleeting as the oldest is sometimes too cool for mom and dad. Five days of giggles that will echo in daddy's ears for a year. Five days of playing, and running, and tackling. Playing that will soon involve just five of us...as we await daddy's return.

Five days.

Even though my house suffered mass destruction over these past five days...the weekend was a success...which makes it all that much harder to let go. We will hold onto these five days tightly...until we can be together again. 5 days. It seemed as if it would be too long. In fact, it went too fast. And before I knew it my kids were rushed out the door for the bus, and daddy raced off to work.

Five days.

We are now 5 more days closer....5 more days we won't get back....5 more days closer to our actual countdown for a long awaited return. 5 beautiful days that my boys had all to themselves...to laugh, to run, to play....to love.


Buckeroomama said...

My husband travels a lot for business, too, although only 3-5 days at a stretch, but it's always such a treat whenever he has like a travel-free month. =)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. :)

Anti-Supermom said...

My heart goes out to all you mommies who have traveling-for-work dads! Glad your Easter was fabulous!

Happy WW~

Johi said...

Great post. My hamper "threw up" over the Easter holiday too. I still haven't done anything about it. If I close my eyes it will go away, right?
I'm glad you all got that time together as a family. :)

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

I know. I understand the countdown. When Sam left for Iraq in '04, he left with 3 weeks notice. It was awful. Like every second that was gone was pure torture. And the fact that I was miserable through it all made it worse.

I'm thinking of you. Praying. I know this is so, so hard. I can't even imagine it with 4 kids. I'm here, I'm not a great commenter but I'll try to be better. :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

LOVE this post! Sounds (and looks) like 5 perfect days! :)

WW: Signs of Spring...Finally!

Positively Peaches said...

I just stumbled across your blog. I love this post. I love the last little bit. Thank you for posting.