Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Is As Government Does

Unless you're living under a rock (which I hear it's really nice there), you've already been in-tune to the dilemmas that befall our congressmen and women. Balancing a budget, however big or small, is never an easy task. But such is the job of those elected officials who promised buckets of gold at the end of our arduous rainbows. Such is life for the powers that be. However the powers-that-be took a dump on my front steps today...and then told me all of the benefits, justifications, and reasons as to why that was the perfect place for it to land.

Many people will not agree with me...and that's ok. But by reasons of actually having a spouse who has sand in his boots, upheld his oath, and protected our freedom, I feel that my voice, the voice of hundreds of frustrated spouses tonight, needs to be heard.

My family was informed at 5:00 pm, MST, that my husband would no longer have a job as of midnight. With that job went the only income our house enjoys and health care for 6 people. But more importantly than that....went my faith in our government, our people, and the values and principles our country was once founded upon. Is my family so MY soldier so unworthy of their respect and loyalty. We were easily cast make a point...casualties of war, if you will.

I realize we are not alone...many, many families befell the same disappointment, stress, anxiety and fear as did mine. Our military doesn't deserve more regard or concern than any other federal employee. But they do, however, deserve more recognition and concern. Many talk a big talk...but who has honestly walked up beside the military family and offered a helping hand. All of the military personnel took a voluntary that bound them to defend this country, one that requires them to put others' safety before theirs, one that takes them away from their loved ones for weeks, months, and years. Does that not justify more than a handshake and a hoorah speech.

Each soldier has a name. They are more than an amount on a budget sheet. If these soldiers weren't willing to do what they do...would you be willing to pick up their weapon and take their place? Most of us, including myself, would not. I don't have the answers...but I do know that our soldiers are not leverage for either side.

At about 5:15, my husband texted me and asked me not to let the kids get hurt or sick in the next month...and then I loaded them up and jetted off to baseball practice for one and a soccer game for the other. My mind was scattered, my emotions were raw, and my heart raced. My opinion and thoughts are but a drop in the bucket tonight. I can only hope...and pray......................and drown my anxiety with friends over pizza and wine!


Rachel said...

I feel you. Health care shouldn't be affected, though. I guess from what I've gathered this far, I feel like everything is kind of in limbo right now. This website has a lot of good info!

Slidecutter said...

The village idiots in Washington managed to come up with some type of a bridge resolution, last minute, that will avert a shut-down, at least for a while.

Big effing deal!

Forgive me for waxing so totally political here but I'm riled, no, make it damn pissed-off. Has just one of these overpaid blowhards stepped up to the plate and offered to give up their government paycheck? Give up any of the associated "perks" which go with their positions like travel expenses, government vehicles, jets, helicopters, etc.? We all know that there is probably not ONE of them who couldn't survive on their personal financial coffers for a month, if not more if they either volunteered or had all their benefits immediately terminated and those financial resources pooled back into the treasury.

We elected these officials to work for us, to stand up and fight for the rights and needs of the taxpayers yet the average citizens have to suffer with less and the lifestyles of these government shirks never waivers.

These elected government criminals should have been working day and night, for weeks, to formulate a proper budget; now they attempt to all come off smelling like roses because they pulled some type of a solution out of their rear-ends at the last minute.

It's our fault; we trusted in the rhetoric they provided during their campaigns, we opened the door for each of them to live off our blood, sweat and tears and that trust has now been betrayed as they scramble like rats in a garbage pile to come up with a solution to this overwhelming financial crisis.

The performance of our current government and its so-called leader has been nothing short of a disgrace and I fear for the continued survival of our country until there is a change in leadership in less than two more years.

I'm sorry for what this put you and your family through Crystal, sorry as well for every other military family who has done nothing other than sacrifice for the good of this country.

Johi said...

I am so sorry Crystal.
We have been in the same boat here ~not a Military family, but unable to afford Health Insurance privately for our family with my husband running his own business. It sucks.
Hugs to you.

Ange said...

I am so glad that this all worked out okay (for now). It was so hard for me to tell the kids that we may have to cut out all of their extracurricular items for a while (equestrian lessons are EXPENSIVE). I was even more upset because my husband (Army) has to work this entire weekend, and I knew he was not going to be too thrilled about working 12 days in a row plus not be getting paid for them.

Bethany said...

I'm sorry. Prayers for safety and health for your family.

Heather said...

I am so sorry. My brother is in the army too. After a stint in Iraq he too is facing the same problems.

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Ah, this sucks. My husband works for the Fed. Govt and he was in the same boat. Now, he isn't fighting in the military, but we too faced no income, no way to pay bills or buy food, etc. (although he'd have to keep coming to work w/o pay. WTH???)

Thank God they got the resolution passed... for now.