Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To Each Their Own

What is it that gives each of us tranquility, ease, peace of mind? What puts you back on track, balances the craziness, supplies the yin to your yang? Is there a secret indulgence that you dare not reveal for fear of it being taken away? What is it that gets you through those really tough days and boosts your mood? A hot candle-lit bath? A glass of red wine? A good read that isn't printed on cardboard? A moment alone with your spouse? A long over-due day at the spa?

Mine is none of those...although they all sound sinfully delicious and rejuvenating! No. I find solace in another...another moment full of wishes and desires, wants and needs. The smell....the rush of blood...the thrill and excitement! All of which speak to me, call out to me, ease a burn for satisfaction that I never knew existed! is sweet ecstasy.

The thrill of searching, finding and acquiring....ah, an age-old tale of lust, really. My solace? My therapy, if you basic in its nature, but full of joy and fulfillment to my soul. By any other name it doesn't sound as sweet, as rewarding...but to my soul it is indeed uplifting. To what do I lust? To what am I called?

Why...the thrill of a purchase! Not just any purchase....a purchase that requires "the hunt"! Killer red heels on clearance are a must...even if they are a size too small. Who needs feeling in their toes, anyway?! Designer bags half-price whisper sweet-nothings in my ear. And out-of-season clearance apparel is a temptation I struggle to resist. The thrill of purchasing "must-have" sale items calms any tension and gives heed to full-body tingles and excitement! It is my therapy of choice. Sadness can be offset by sexy new under garments. Loneliness gives way to go-with-anything new shoes. Frustration calls for a great pair of check-my-butt-out jeans. And confusion is healed with soft-as-silk new jammies. Yes, shopping cures what ails you.

Alas, "money doesn't grow on trees" is all too cliche in my adult world filled with braces, growing boys, and daily expenses that are far from glamorous. So I sit and wait...stalking my prey, waiting for the best sale, and hoping that someday my 90's apparel will come back in style!


Amy said...

LOL I love it!!

Brandi said...

Ah, the retail therapy... made even better by finding the coveted item on mega sale! Love it!

Bethany said...

You make me smile. I'm not much of a shopper, but I hear the bargain hunter in you calling. I'm all about the bargain.

Slidecutter said...

The build-up in this post, I thought, was leading to a story about a full-body rub, not just a foot one.

This...was so much better, lol!

Shoes, shoes and more shoes; I'll have to post pics of the last two pairs I purchased before Winter hit and my feet became trapped in Uggs and other boots. I agree with Brandi on "retail therapy"..I'm going to need lots of that very soon.

Hey, I have 80's & 90's clothes that are tucked in a closet..waiting. In fact, my Granddaughter had an 80's day at school, wanted to know if I had "Madonna" clothes...she put together the perfect outfit while asking me if I really dressed that way...years ago.

Not showing her any of my Nehru jackets in another closet....

Ms. Blasé said...

The suspense in this post nearly killed me!

Although shopping's not my therapy of choice, I can CERTAINLY appreciate an awesome bargain :)