Friday, September 17, 2010

10 things that give me the 'willies'.

10. never finding underwear for my 7 year old in the laundry

9. the randomness of seeing 1 abandoned shoe in the middle of the road

8.  my hubby's paint-covered uniform after battle training (I'd prefer he get "shot" a little bit less)

7. the fact that my almost 12 year old has had the same container of deodorant for 2 years

6. the dog and my 2 year old seem to enjoy licking each other

5. that there is always one person at every event that WON'T...STOP...TALKING

4. my innocent nephew asking his mamma if he could, "stick that up her butt" when referring to a tampon (he's seen WAAAAY too much)

3. the realization that- yes, my parents probably had sex (more than the 4 times it took to get their kids)

2. discovering my then 18 month old with a mouthfull of deer poop

1. that my sweet little boys will one day grow up to be men and have the same thoughts and ideas and desires that all men have


Rachel said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by and following. I am following back. I love this, it made me giggle. I am going to link it to my page.

Teresa said...

Im sorry but that actually about made me spit my soda all over my keyboard. How funny! I love your random-ness yet trueness of being a mom to 4 kids...boys that is!