Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ode to a great night's sleep

Sleep, oh precious sleep, you are but a dream that I miss.
Your pleasurable relief I long for more than my lover's kiss.
Sleep, oh precious sleep, you taunt with the darkness of night.
But "to-do" lists and worries and aches keep me out of your sight.

You look so pleasant when on the faces of my small.
The solace you bring them surrenders them all.
And my hubby is easily captured under your spell.
To venture into dreamland where he will rest so well.

I search for you often hoping to meet midday or late.
To no avail, I lay in the quiet and seem just to wait.
As "need to's" and "should do's" and guilts in my head make endless sound.
So sleep for this mommy through the night shan't be found.

Sleep, oh precious sleep, my body cries where did you go?
Why would you allude me when I now need you so?
Your mysterious appearance and restorative mend
I believe you are merely an urban legend.


tlcfree2bme said...

I really like your blog!!
There is an Awesomely Unique newly designed Blog Award waiting for you on my page
while you're there join in on my new Wednesday Blog Hop.

Salt said...

Lovely poem!

- From one insomniac to another. :)

Steph, from Be Positive Mom said...

I miss my sleep too! I think it is an urban legend or at least from a past life! Thanks for stopping by Be Positive Mom!