Saturday, September 18, 2010

Can I just go back to bed??

Woke up this morning after a late rainy night at the home football game. The house was cold because we dind't flip the furnace was 65 degrees when I peeked my toe out of my covers. Every part of me wanted to climb under my down comforter and sleep for another 2 hours. But kiddo number 2 has to be a team soccer pics by 8am. So I fall out of bed, get dressed and head to soccer pictures- stand there for 50 minutes and then drive to the soccer field to (again)sit in the rain and mist to watch a U8 soccer game. BTW- every mamma (and daddy) should get a gold star for standing-better, shivering- on the sidelines as their designated athlete played their game (with very little complaining, I might add)! We shivered, danced, wiggled, and giggled trying to stay warm...and of course watched our kids play.

With game finally done- woo hoo- I gather kiddo and friend into the car and proceed to meet other half of my family who was playing out this same scene only on another field. (BTW- oldest son suffered a dislocated finger when another player's soccer shoe crushed his hand). Unfortunately, as traveling across town to the refuge of my fireplace, I presumably (this is NOT an admission of guilt) was driving a wee bit faster than the perched officer (he was TOTALLY out in the open---how did I not see him!!!) would have liked. Lights flash. Siren sounds. And I am now pulled over on the side of the road with wet shivering kids (who think this is "totally awesome"  that I just got pulled over!). I can't pull off the crying thing- my brain totally shut down- and I didn't even think to use the excuse (not an actually happened) that my oldest son suffered injury at his game and I was rushing home to see if he was ok. I've gotta start thinking better (and quicker) in stressful situations! The officer was completely a cutie but was unrelenting...what a stickler! He totally slapped me with a $125 ticket!!!! ARGH!!! All that was going through my head is that my hubby is going to be super ticked off! And he was.

We drive the rest of the way home- completely following the speed limit, however. Peel off all of our wet clothes and stomp downstairs to sit by my fireplace. But laundry still needs to be rotated, lunch has to be started, and we all need to cycle through the shower so we don't smell at the wedding we are attending later today.

Now I am rushing to get kids down for nap, the house cleaned up, and hubby is SLEEPING on the couch...hasn't lifted a finger since getting home. He is peacefully tucked under comfy blanket sleeping through everything as the college football came plays in the background. Plus, we still haven't gotten a wedding gift yet ( don't be too shocked...that is very typical for us!!) Now, I don't really feel so bad about getting the ticket...except I am pretty sure I could find something, anything, more fun to spend $125 on.

All I want to do is curl up and go back to bed!

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