Monday, September 13, 2010

Small Daily Accomplishments

Ok...I finally did it!! Peer pressure got the best of me...even at 30 (ish). Facebook account and blogging today, tomorrow....well, let's just get through today. With four little dudes that keep me on my toes and a hardworking hubby, sometimes making it through today (let alone making it to tomorrow) seems somewhat laughable! Soccer, cross country, pick-ups, drop-offs, lunch, snacks, supper, laundry, clean the toilet- clean the toilet again, toys EVERYWHERE! Plus every now and then I'd like to look somewhat sexy and vibrant when my husband comes home in the add makeup, hair and cute outfit  to that crazy list.

Don't get me wrong; I am sooo blessed. I am finally at home with my crew and LOVE it....honestly, sometimes I hate it- I mean, I am the only girl in a house of 5 dudes...I am the ONLY one who hits my toilet target every time!! And somedays if I find one more stinky sock hanging out in the middle of the floor- because noone knows how it got there in the first place- I might tear somebody's hair out...not mine because it costs too much to color it- I can't rip it out!!

Back to my technological accomplishment. Let me be honest- I am a hypocrite! Totally thought that this "blogging" thing was a - pardon me for saying- waste of time. However, I have been proven wrong- for the first time, I might add. Instead of folding yet another load of laundry for my unappreciative rulers- I am talking to PEOPLE. Real adult people...the female kind!! It is my small daily victory...communication with another human that can hit a toilet target!

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Crystal said...

Blogging is beyond addicting. Glad you joined the blogosphere. It's a great way to reflect!
Following you back and thanks for the follow