Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

Many of the things my kids say can melt my heart. In the same breath they can make me laugh out loud! They view many aspects of this world through innocent and naive eyes. Their honesty can be simple, sweet....and brutal. I have been documenting cute things my kids have said for years. To say the least, my kids live in a very colorful world!

* when I was pregnant with TJ (#3), my then 3 year old, Tyson, told everyone that "mommy ate a baby". That's as much of the "birds and bees" that he needs to know!

* In the summer of 06, I was SUPER pregnant with kiddo #3. It was another very very hot summer day, and we had been stuck inside the house all day. For an outing, we (Ty, Tys and I) went to Wal-Mart to all of our baby supplies. Before going to the store, we stopped to fill the van with gas. Right away in the store I ran into an old acquaintance. As we were catching up, Tyson (3 yrs old) - at this point he is climbing in and out of the cart- proudly announced that "mom's got gas!!" I was mortified and stammered to try and explain what he was talking about....but there's really no way to come out "smelling like roses" in that situation.

* all of my boys say "I love you so, so much"- melts my heart (especially when they have a little lisp!)

* When Ty (#1) was 4 he called his Uncle Mel "Uncle Melt"- that one is still pretty sweet.

* when looking at a Victoria's Secret magazine Ty (again 4 years old) said it made his "weenie whacker feel funny". Great. It starts so young!

* Tyson called Ninja Turtles "Ninja turds" when he was 3 1/2

*  Tyson was getting naked to put his jammies on (he was 3 1/2- this was a very colorful year for him!!) when he told me not to look because he didn't want me to see his "underbutt".

* Tyson (again!) was taking a shower with me (sometimes when they are little, the only way to get a shower is to invite them all in with you!!) and he was investigating "himself". He looked up at me with his sweet little 3 1/2 year old eyes and very seriously told me that he "had pimples in here". Holding back a chuckle, I had to explain to him that he was indeed ok...and that they weren't actually pimples.

* Still 3 1/2, Tyson was running around naked (it's a theme in our house) and trying hard to satisfy an itch. I asked him if his butt itched and he said, "Yeah, on the middle of it". Now, just imagine where his tiny little fingers were!!!

* The first Halloween with 3 dudes, I dressed them all as superman. One house we visited had a little boy who was autistic. When he answered the door my boys held out their buckets and cried, "trick or treat!", but the young man took Tyson's bucket....and didn't come back to the door for a long time. Tyson sat down just inside their door and very sadly said, "superman wants his candy back".

* As we were walking through the park on a fall evening, my sweet Ty (7 1/2) had to check out ALL of the duck poop and proceeded to comment on what he thought each specimen looked like. Several he thought looked like Tootsie Rolls! I may never eat another one!

*We were driving across town, and my little Tys (3 1/2) was in his car seat. He had his little hand on his chest and in a quiet voice stated, as a matter of fact that, "God is in my heart".

* Whenever I had to work my late shift at my job Tyson would have daddy call me so he could talk to me (he's still 3 1/2....he has a VERY colorful personality), he would get very sad and tell me, "mommy, you break my heart". Ouch! Pull the knife out would ya?!

*On our trip to Chicago for Christmas, my boys were super excited because it was their first time on a plane. Tyson was fidgeting in his seat. He wanted to know when we were going to "blast off".

* When the stomach flu passed through my boys, Tyson didn't appreciate the experience (still 3 1/2- maybe all of this had something to do with a new baby in the house????). Every time his tummy would get that not-so-good feeling, he would shout, "I'm gonna blow up!"

*Tyler (9 1/2 years old) wanted to eat at our island but it was very messy (who's isn't?). I asked Ty to clean it before they sat down. He just kind of pushed everything to the edge and said, "There mom. I cleaned it". I said he should use the word "cleaned" loosely. He looked at me, "Ok. I loosely cleaned it." Daddy and I got a good laugh at our son's expense.

* We were at a must-win basketball game that my younger cousin was playing in. Unfortunately, they didn't win, and all the players were very sad after the loss. Tyson ( I know. I know. He has a lot of personality!)- almost 4-wanted to know why Sam was so sad. "Well honey", I said. "Sam lost a really big game, and she is sad." Thinking that would be it, I continued with my adult conversation. But Tyson's little mind was doing some processing. He continued looking at Sam but slowly asked, "So....Sam is a big loser?"  Hmmmm, ".....yes, but don't say that to Sam."

* TJ has a little lisp so many of his words come out wrong- but they are too cute to correct: candles - "camels", all numbers and letter are called the "number g", elephant - "ephalant", piglet- "pliglet", hoola hoop- "hoopa hoop"

*We were driving across town after swim team practice and TJ (3) had his head resting in his hands. I asked him if something hurt and he said, "yeah, my feelings."

* When I was sneaking some bites of my super-secret Edy's ice cream -"Slow-Churned Double Fudge Brownie" (this is hidden from kids and hubby), TJ came around the corner (almost 3 years old). I was caught so I had to share. I gave him a couple bites. With chocolate ice cream on the corners of his mouth he smiled and said, "this makes me happy". Me too buddy. Me too.

Please feel free to share some of the cute, sweet, appalling things your darlings have said.

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What cuties! I enjoyed reading their adorable words :)